A list of all our repair prices.


Puncture repair £5 + the price of the tube

Puncture repair electric bike £10 + the price of the tube

Adjust and set gears (front or rear) £7.50 per brake

Fit gear cable and adjust gears (front or rear) £10 set of gears


Fit new brake blocks / pads (front or rear) £7.50 each + the price of the blocks / pads

Bleed hydraulic brake (price per brake) £17.50

Fit hydraulic brake (front or rear) £25.00


Headset service £17.50

Replace bottom bracket (remove & fit new) £15.00

Remove seized bottom bracket (priced per hour) £35.00

Remove and Replace full suspension pivot bearings £40.00 + cost of bearings


True wheel from £12.50

Replace spoke(s) £12.50 + cost of spokes (£1.00 each)

Replace freehub £15.00

Service hub (strip, clean & grease) £15.00


Crash Assessment / Insurance Quote £25.00 (Refunded on repair costs over £50 and replacement bicycles over £200)

Hourly rate £40.00 / hour