Cycle Schemes

At Tyne Cycles you can also buy a bike through one of the various government backed cycle schemes.

Employees can usually save up to 40% on the cost of a bike and their chosen accessories. Most employers usually limit spending to £1000 but this varies. You then pay the bike off over a set period (specified by your employer) of time with payments usually taken each time you receive your wage.

If your employer uses one of the schemes listed below we can help. If the scheme provider your employer uses isn’t listed, get in touch and we will see if we can help.

Below are the steps you need to take to purchase a bike via a cycle scheme.

Step 1 – The employer must first be registered with their preferred cycle scheme.

Step 2 – The employee then registers with the employers preferred cycle scheme.

Step 3 – The employee obtains a quote detailing their chosen bike and any accessories.

Step 4 – The employee logs into the cycle scheme website and submits details of their purchase.

Step 5 – A hire agreement detailing the T&C’s and an invoice are created and sent to the employer.

Step 6 – Hire agreement is signed  and returned to the cycle scheme provider.

Step 7 – A payment is then made from the employer to the cycle scheme provider.

Step 8 – A voucher is created and sent to the employee which must be presented in store.

Step 9 – You ride away on your nice new bike.